RV-4 .40 Sport Scale, Kit

RV-4 .40 Sport Scale, Kit


Art.Nr: GPM-A0180
Hersteller: GreatPlanes
RV-4 .40 Sport Scale, Kit

Artikel Daten

Gewicht (g):2600-2800
Spannweite (mm):1384
The homebuilt "hot rod" as a smooth-flying .40!
While not specifically intended as a vehicle for showy aerobatics, the popular, full-size RV-4 has proven very capable of them all the same. Great Planes' RV-4 model offers similar versatility. Ideal for intermediate-level aerobatics, it offers good knife-edge capabilities, tracks beautifully, delivers almost unlimited vertical performance with a .46 engine...and is also a great choice for just having some "Sunday" fun.


- Easy interlocking balsa/ply construction, with built-in thrust angles and a wing that assembles flat on die-cut tabs.
- Loaded with sport-scale realism—detailed cockpit features rollover bar, tandem instrument panels and a crystal-clear butyrate canopy.
- Spacious radio compartment allows easy radio gear installation and quick fuel tank access.
- Generous package of Great Planes hardware includes rod-in-tube pushrods for smooth control surface operation.
- Reinforced nylon Adjustable Engine Mount perfectly fits any 2- or 4-stroke engine within the recommended range.

Technical specification:

Spannweite 1388mm
Gewicht 2.6-2.8 kg
Länge 1260mm


All wood to construct the airplane, pushrods, prebent aluminum main landing gear, 3/32" tailwheel wire, nylon adjustable engine mount, hardware package, ABS plastic cowling and wheel pants, clear canopy, decals, photo-illustrated instructions, full-size rolled plans.

Kit-Zubehör (nicht enthalten):

Motor: Engine: .40-.52 (6.5-8.5cc) (2-stroke)
oder: .48-.70 (8.0-11.5cc)(4-stroke)
oder: 4-6S LiPo Antrieb
Fernsteuerung mit 5 Kanälen
Servos: 5-7 Standart 5-8kg
div. Kleinteile
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